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Pip Injury Setback

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when are we gonna have a change of luck, phil neville is set to have an OP and be out of the team for a little while more, the only luck we have is bad luck, just hope the team pull together and get some much needed confidence wins this week. COYB's

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i was just about to pull up the os news on this, but you beat me to the topic title!


Why is it everyone who is injured at everton at teh moment, as soon as there ready to be back, they have a minor setback, hardly anything gets mentioend by everton, only moyes in a sentence says he will be out a few more weeks yet,YEAH LIKE THEY SAID ABOUT PIENAAR, HE WILL BE BACK WITHIN 2 WEEKS, AND HES BEEN OUT 2 MONTHS. WHAT A LOAD OF SHITE, FED UP WITH THE BULL THAT GETS SPOKEN OUT OF EVERTON REGARDING INJURIES!!!


Heres the link to more shite news from the o/s



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