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Looking At The Squad Overall.......

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I have been looking at the squad list on the OS and I reckon we are in a pretty good position with our squad I think the biggest bit of bad luck is that all our inruies seem to be to the same sort of player (Wide Midfielders or players who can play there.


OK so last season we lost all our strikers and we got Jo in. This season we have lost piernar arteta bily (suspension), osman and arguably vic (used right wing last season) all potential wide players.


Obviously we have lost key players Pip Jags in other areas but in essence our squad could deal with this amount of injuries if they were sprread amongst the other positions.


So my point being we have been unlucky with injury in two ways losing alot of KEY players but also losing squad players in wide areas same as last year with strikers.


SO in Jan if we have any money I think we need cover at left back (for baines) but more importantly a first team right midfielder who is like bily on the left. I know piernnar can play there and he is first team but if we were to throw a budget at one position that is the one for me.


I have seen alot of people calling for CM but I disagree we have attack/goals in cahill, felli. Creativity in arteta piernar, Osman (Who i think is better in the middle) and less in rodwell. we have defence in pip/rodwell/ heitinga and arguably felli.

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