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Motm In Athens


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    • Tim Howard
    • Seamus Coleman
    • Tony Hibbert
    • Shane Duffy
    • Leighton Baines
    • Tim Cahill
    • Marouane Fellaini
    • Diniyar Bilyaletdinov
    • Jose Baxter
    • Jo
    • Steven Pienaar
    • Sylvain Distin
    • Dan Gosling

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Current Player of the Year standings....

Saha 94


Rodwell 93


Fellaini 93


Pienaar 88


Bilyaletdinov 73


Hibbert 64


Heitinga 63


Howard 58


Distin 38


Baines 29


Osman 23


Yakubu 23


Cahill 23


Yobo 20


Neill 11


João Alves Jô 6


Gosling 6


Coleman 3


Neville 2


MOTM winners....


Liverpool (H)...Marouane Fellaini


Hull City (A)...Johnny Heitinga


Manchester United (A)...Johnny Heitinga


West Ham (A)...Johnny Heitinga


Benfica (H)...Marouane Fellaini


Aston Villa (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Tottenham (A)...Tony Hibbert


Bolton (A)...Louis Saha


Benfica (A)...Sylvain Distin


Wolves (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Stoke City (H)...Johnny Heitinga


BATE Borisov (A)...Tony Hibbert


Portsmouth (A)...Tim Howard


Hull City (A)...Leon Osman


Blackburn (H)...Louis Saha


AEK Athens (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Fulham (A)...Sylvain Distin


Wigan...(H)...Jack Rodwell


Sigma Olomouc (A)...Steven Pienaar


Burnley...(A)...Tony Hibbert


Sigma Olomouc (H)...Jack Rodwell


Arsenal (H)...Steven Pienaar

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as much as i would love to give it to one of the kids (all 3 were excellent) im going for the player who didnt stop running or working the entire game. Step up Stevie P. Jo worked non stop and played well, Bily was obviously tired in the last 20 mins but until was ok, Skippy was a terrier again...


like i said in the other post, only player who should be ashamed of his performance is Yak, the personification of lazy.


Hard fought victory but hopefully it will start a sucession of wins like it did last time!

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Some gutsy performances I thought Stevie P was superb, Hibbo was solid and Cahill looks back to his old self( funny how he has been superb in the past couple of games when he has played in his own position!) but I have gone for Jo because its probably the only chance I will get to vote for him this season!

He lead the line superbly and never stopped running all night

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I've been enduring the taunts of many fellow Everton fans recently because I rated Seamus Coleman so highly (Sligo Rovers are one of the teams I support and he was amazing for them), even after Benfica, and I'm so glad he put in that performance tonight. Definitely a great prospect for the future.


Hibbert was a rock at the back. Seriously comfortable and composed. A position where his excellent defending comes into play, where you don't have to mark 2 men at once, and where you have a lot of short options to pass it to. If it wasn't for his height Tony would easily be a top 6 class CB.


Thought Fellaini had a quality game with his close control, won a lot of good ball in the midfield and showed for the ball a lot.


Was seriously impressed with Jo. He's touch was better, his running was fantastic and he was linking up brilliantly. That hold-up and touch through for Billy's goal was immense.


Shane Duffy had a bit of a shaky start but I actually thought that was the pitch rather than his composure! :lol: Really grew into the game and was seriously dominant in the second half.


But seriously, no question, Steven Pienaar proving yet again that he is easily in our top 3 players. We can play without Cahill, we cannot play without either Pienaar or Arteta. My MotM


EDIT: Added in a few players :P

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On second thoughts i'm thinking Piennar was our MOTM but I voted Fellaini, I felt he deserved a vote as he had a quality game playing defensive midfield role especially after we lost Distin and Gosling to injury. He slotted in behind and won the ball every time leaving them to take long range shots all game. Calm and collected on the ball, 2 very good performances in a row from him.


everyone played well again just like against Liverpool and coped well in tough conditions. Would have been nice to see another goal as we were quite capable of it but I'll take the 1-0 win and another fine goal from Bilya.

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Pienaar was excellent, all action performance from him in the middle.

Felli was great again, looked really good as a deep midfielder.

Cahill looked good too.

wont say it often, but Jo was also great today.

Hibbo done great again in the middle, Billy looked like an Everton player today if you get what i mean.

the kids done them self no harm, they all put in great effort and should be very proud of themselves tonight.

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Gave my vote to Fellaini. Thought he did a great job in front of the defence, broke up a few attacks well and invincible in the air again. Also, always seemed to be available for the ball.


Pienaar again was fantastic, and I think if the pitch hadn't been so claggy Jo would've got on the score sheet today. Looked much better, as did Cahill.


Well done to the 3 young lads aswell. Difficult situation to come in but spot on.

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Difficult to choose again and for all the right reasons!

All three of our ressies did a really good job and didn't look out of place, midfield were getting stuck in at the right times and looks so much better with Pienaar back and Cahill in his preferred position. Jo did a good job again, could he be starting to prove me wrong?

In the end I went for Hibbertoni, did a great job playing out of position.

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Wow this is the second game in a row where its been hard to decide a MOM, and not because they'v all been shit!


I voted for Pienaar. He did more or less everything and him and Felli worked well together. Its a shame the pitch wasnt better as with them two in the middle I really think we might have seen a quality passing display from the blue boys. I also liked the way he ran the midfield. He shouted, he pointed, he put in some tough challenges and some cynical fouls as well. It was like we had a tanned, South African version of Pip playing for us!


Of the others Jo and Hibbo did really well and I was very impressed with them both.


The three youngsters were also quality. Coleman was awesome, its just a shame we had an awful ref which meant it basically became a non-contact sport (or at least when they had the ball!). Baxter worker his arse off, up and down the right. He also made a couple of nice dribbles and passes, its just a pity more didnt come of that volley chance. Although when I first saw Duffy give the ball away early doors I was shitting myself, I thought he actually did a real quality job at the back. For a 17yo to come in, away from home on a shocker of a pitch and be that dominant, strong and commanding, with a make-shift CB partner was awesome, so hats off to the lad. One thing I would say against (constructively) is that he likes to drop off, and try to cover the goal line, which can end up with player being left onside. However, its nothing major and tbh he looked more assured than and even dedicated than either Distin or Yobo has so far this season.


The only person I can really say let the team down tonight was Yakubu with that shocking 15/20minute display. Everyone else was working their arse off and he couldnt be bothered to jog after the ball. He showed today everything that I hate about him, and I just wish he could put in that extra effort just to make sure we get the win. He really pissed me off. If a similar situation arrives in the future and it was either him or Agard/Baxter id 200% chuck on the youngster cos at least he would chase everything down and it would let Yakubu know that he cant fuck around.

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