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Ian C

The Noughties Your Team Of The Decade

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Saw this on NSNO and thought we should give it a bash. What is YOUR team of the decade? Use your own criteria for choosing? Was it the contribution of Carsley and Stubbs or the quality of Rooney?




1) Formation must be valid

2) Formation must be viable in the past decade eg. 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 4-5-1 etc.

3) Players must have played for Everton in the period 1/1/2000 -> Present Day (Or 31/12/2009 depending)

4) Present PL # of subs allowed = 7





------------------- Nigel Martyn ---------------------------

Phil Neville -- Phil Jagielka -- David Weir -- Leighton Baines

--------------- Lee Carsley -- Mikel Arteta ---------------

Leon Osman -------- Tim Cahill ----------- Steven Pienaar

-------------------Yakubu -------------------------------


SUBS: Tim Howard, Joleon Lescott, Tony Hibbert, Wayne Rooney, Thomas Gravensen, Louis Saha, Duncan Ferguson


Notable absentees: Manuel Fernandes, Kevin Campbell, Alan Stubbs.... struggling now.... err..... Steve Watson?



Went mainly for contribution in the starting 11, with Lescott just barely missing out tbh. Was quite hard to pick between people like Yobo, Stubbsy, Weir etc.



We've had a serious shower of shite for a long time this decade lol.

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Neville Jagielka Weir Lescott


Arteta Gravesen Carsley Pienaar






Surprisingly easy that - did wonder about Howard instead of Martyn, Stubbsy had a good shout but Weir was more consistent over the years, and I had to stick Lescott in ahead of Baines based on the season he scored 10 from left back and actually looked worth £24m. Only other doubt I had was up front, couldn't bring myself to put Rooney in, he only came into his own at Euro 04 anyway and then fucked off, Saha is probably a better player than Yak (esp on current form - Yak looks like he can't be arsed) but you can't leave out the only player to hit 20 in a season for us in two decades.


Rest are shoe ins. I'd have loved to have seen Mad Dog Tommy at his best with players the quality of Arteta and Pienaar around him, what a midfield that would have been

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Went for Campbell ahead of other obvious choices purely for the impact he had when he arrived at the club.


Not surprising to see that the majority of peoples answers so far are from the latter part of the decade.

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Pinched this from another forum. The noughties are almost over so how has the last decade been for you.

Do you agree with his selections or can you add some different ones .........


TOP 5 Moments


5. There's a lot I want to put here. The appointment of David Moyes being the obvious one. But, despite everything that has happened since, Rooney's first goal against Arsenal in October 2002 (and indeed the weeks around it when he scored at Leeds and terrorised other defences) has to be included. Here was a 16-year-old local lad who had the talent to be one of the best players in the world...and he was "once a blue, always a blue". It didn't work out and I resent that to this day but at the time it was fantastic and, along with David Moyes, put some energy into a club which had been stagnant for years.

4. Louis Saha scoring in the first minute at Wembley in May. This maybe should be a bit higher because as a single moment it was incredible but by the same token it feels strange to put it in here as watching it back just makes me sad. A completely unbelieveable moment but ultimately meaningless given the result of the match.

3. Everton 1-0 Man Utd, 20th April 2005. Big Dunc's last great stand and it was the night that really pushed on to finish 4th and above Liverpool. Best atmosphere I've ever experienced at Goodison.

2. Dan Gosling's winner in the 119th minute vs. Liverpool in the FA Cup fourth round, Feb 4th 2009.

1. Jagielka's winning penalty in the semi-final vs. Man Utd. Twenty years of supporting Everton led to that single moment to be honest as I was too young to enjoy the 1995 shenanigans as much as I did last season.


5 Lowest moments


5. Everton 0-3 Tranmere Rovers, FA Cup fourth round 2001/02.

4. Shrewsbury 2-1 Everton, FA Cup third round 2002/03. No explanation needed really.

3. Losing the cup final in May. A different kind of 'low' as I was still proud of my team whereas the others in the list were just complete and utter dejection, but ultimately it was just so disappointing to lose and - although proud of the way we'd played to get there - losing to Chelsea was a harsh reminder that football isn't always as romantic as the semi-final.

2. The summer of 2004/Rooney leaving. We'd finished 17th the season before and this summer was marred by boardroom squabbles and realisation of the fact that we were once again completely broke. On top of that there was speculation about Rooney leaving all summer. He left on deadline day and pretty much broke the hearts of a lot of Evertonians - forget the financial pragmatics, it was soul destroying to see a boyhood Evertonian who we'd considered 'one of us' desert us at that point and it capped an appalling summer. But...we went onto finish 4th the following season! So there was a happy ending, it just didn't seem possible that there would be at the time.

1. Middlesbrough 3-0 Everton, March 10th 2002, FA Cup quarters. 3-0 down at half-time to a rank 'Boro side, we were also struggling in the league at the time and we were just utterly pathetic. One of the few times football has made me cry. I was 16 at the time too and despite knowing how bad a team we were I was convinced our name was on the cup (oh for a bit of that young innocence now).

Your clubs great Noughties XI


GK Nigel Martyn


LB Leighton Baines

CB Phil Jagielka

CB Joleon Lescott

RB Phil Neville


LM Stephen Pienaar

CM Tim Cahill

CM Thomas Gravesen

RM Mikel Arteta


CF Yakubu

CF Wayne Rooney


The best 5 opponents you have seen


5 Robert Pires

4 Paul Scholes

3 Fernando Torres

2 Dennis Bergkamp

1 Thierry Henry


I cannot believe he played for my club

David Ginola hands down.


At the other end of the scale - currently Louis Saha and Arteta in the form he displayed between December and February last season until his injury.


Away from your club - what was the high point of the decade


Arsenal circa 2003/04.


And the low point?


Champions League Final 2005 by a considerable distance.


And you you personally - has the last 10 years been good or bad?


The last ten years have been ones of huge change, but yes it's been pretty damn good on the whole.

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I agree with most of that, but the lowest moment by far and away was 15 September 2005, the 5-1 mauling in Bucharest. I was sat in an irish bar in prague on holiday with my then girlfriend and I have never, ever felt so depressed, so heartbroken and so downright humiliated watching a football match. By far the worst i have ever seen any Everton side ever play. I could handle us going out of the CL qualifiers after a valiant effort against a very good Villareal side, but to throw all the hard work and elation of the previous campaign away in the manner we did that night was just unforgivable.


On a more positive note, Carsley's freekick to beat the RS has to be up there - I enjoyed that more than the 3-0 win a couple of seasons ago coz i was in a pub with a load of red mates, i was the only blue and went absolutely mental when carsley scored, true to form the RS lot gave me evils the rest of the game and muttered about it being a lucky shot, it was brilliant!

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