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Sunderland fan here. I'm coming down for our trip to Goodison and have a question I think you guys may be to help me out with. Last year I went to Anfield when we played Liverpool and before the game I had the nicest cheeseburger ever from a van called 'Everpool'. So nice I ended up going back for another one. My question is, does this burger van move to Goodison Park when Everton play at home and Liverpool are away. I hope it is as an Everpool cheeseburger is probably the only thing that will cheer me up after you's innevatably beat us once again. :lol:


Thanks in advance.

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There's usually a burger van outside, I have no idea if it's EverPool, I've never once took notice of the name!!


Oh well, is there any pubs close to the ground that are ok for away fans? last time at Goodison there was no alcohol being sold in our end :angry:

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