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Tottenham Vs Everton Tickets?

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Greetings all,


Just a quick question asking whether or not anyone has 2 spare tickets for the above game? They seemed to be a bit stingey on their allocation and as a result my brother and I have missed out.


We're Southern toffees from Kent so unfortunately don't get to see as many games as we'd wish and were hoping to take this one in only to be denied when they finally went on general sale.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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I went to this one a couple of years ago with a similar problem


they didn't put tickets on general sale till the day before the game when I went and when I called them they said it was too late to get them.


Because of this I had to sit in the home end.


Had no problems there, we beat them 3-1 and they shuffled off out the ground after an hour!


If you don't have any luck getting in our end get on their site and get a ticket, you need to sign up first but it's no biggy.

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