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Problem With Shop

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Hello, I'm a spanish fan and I'm triying to buy a product in the online shop with PayPal method. When I finish the order, I can look:


" Unfortunately an error has occurred on the page you were trying to view.


The technical department has been informed of this error and will deal with it as soon as possible.


For further assistance, please contact our customer service technical helpline on the telephone number below, or alternatively please try again.


UK: 0845 165 0065

International: (00) +44 845 165 0065"


How I can fix it?, Greetings from Spain.

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Hello Spanish, at the bottom of the Shop page there is a "contact us" and a "help line", Have a go with them mate, they may be able to give you some assistance.

Dont forget to mention that you came through the Toffeetalk Forum, that might also be helpfull.

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If I was you I'd either phone the number or try again :mellow: .


Failing that use another payment method.




I don't speak english very nice for call to the contact phone ...


I only can pay with PayPal now.


Yes, Bellers is my favourite player. In Everton, I love Cahill and Gosling.

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