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Top 8 Mini Table

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If I've worked this out correctly...


If only the results from the top 8 teams counted then Everton would be sitting second with 14 points behind Chelsea who have 16.


Aston Villa would be 8th with 8 points.


Ast 8

Man U 10

Liv 10

Man C 10

Ars 13

Tot 13

Eve 14

Che 16


(Points only)

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Villa -


Man Utd Home - 1pt

Man Utd Away - 3pts

Liverpool Home - 0pts

Liverpool Away - 3pts

Man City Home - 1pt

Man City Away - Haven't played

Arsenal Home - 1pt

Arsenal Away - 0pts

Tottenham Home - 1pt

Tottenham Away - 1pt

Everton Home - Haven't played

Everton Away - 1pt

Chelsea Home - 3pts

Chelsea Away - Haven't played


Total = 15 points.

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haha well that made for good reading, at least are scores are accurate




why? i mean i know it's in most football fans nature to hate rival teams...but if there's one team near us that i don't despise it's probably villa. good manager, good english players and they always bring a good crowd to goodison...i obviously want to finish above them but i hate city, spurs and the shite much more than villa


after looking at the fixture i think the brum game will come back to haunt us...i got the points finishing like this

spurs 66

city 69

liverpool 69

villa 67

everton 66


it's worth pointing out though, that i've got villa beating us at their place...so if we can get a draw at least out of that we may be able to make it...big game that.

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