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Opinions On Everton, The Manager And The Players

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hiya my names michael, i run a website called www.insideliverpool.com, the sites about the city, am a liverpool fan and the lad i do it with is to, am just looking for some people who might like to write some articles on everton, it can really be anything to do with Everton.


i make no money from the site and i do it in my spare time but as its about the city and i dont want it to just be aimed at liverpool football club from the footballin sides of things.


so if anyones interested visit the site and you can email me at michael.donnelly@insideliverpool.com



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Hiya Michael,

Well done mate its a very nice site, but like you say it could certainly do with some Blue input. :)


were getting a bit of interest now from some blues fans so hopefully we will be able to get some stuff on the site about everton that isnt wrote by a red

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can we put our opinions about the reds on? :lol::lol::P


nice site..good work look forward to seein more on us!



yeah you can, within reason like, we wouldnt publish anything that was just really anti liverpool or anti everton but a well written article from a blue on the reds would be fine.


for anyone who becomes an author on the site can actually write about anything they feel like not just football

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