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Man Of The Match V Portsmouth

MOTM v Portsmouth  

40 members have voted

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    • Tim Howard
    • Tony Hibbert
    • Stlvain Distin
    • Phil Jagielka
    • Leighton Baines
    • Mikel Arteta
    • Steven Pienaar
    • Leon Osman
    • Jack Rodwell
    • Louis Saha
    • Victor Anichebe
    • Ayegbeni Yakubu
    • Diniyar Bilyaletdinov
    • Johnny Heitinga

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Current Player of the Year standings....

Fellaini 268


Heitinga 201


Pienaar 196


Cahill 175


Arteta 160


Osman 141


Saha 111


Baines 105


Rodwell 101


Howard 91


Bilyaletdinov 91


Hibbert 82


Distin 74


Donovan 71


Coleman 70


Anichebe 59


Yakubu 54


Jagielka 25


Duffy 23


Yobo 20


Neville 15


Neill 15


João Alves Jô 10


Vaughan 8


Gosling 6


Senderos 4


Nash 3


Baxter 3


Agard 2


Forshaw 1


Akpan 1


MOTM winners....


Stoke (A) Victor Anichebe


Fulham (H) Victor Anichebe


Blackburn (A) Mikel Arteta


Aston Villa (A) Tim Cahill


West Ham (H) Johnny Heitinga


Wolves (A) Steven Pienaar


Manchester City (A) Tim Cahill


Bolton (H) Mikel Arteta


Birmingham (A) Mikel Arteta


Hull City (H) Mikel Arteta


Tottenham (A) Ayegbeni Yakubu


Sporting Lisbon (A) Tim Howard


Manchester United (H) Leon Osman


Sporting Lisbon (H) Leon Osman


Chelsea (H) Landon Donovan


Liverpool (A) Johnny Heitinga


Wigan (A) Tim Cahill


Sunderland (H) Marouane Fellaini


Birmingham (H) Steven Pienaar


Manchester City (H) Marouane Fellaini


Arsenal (A) Marouane Fellaini


Carlisle (H) Marouane Fellaini


Burnley (H) Steven Pienaar


Sunderland (A) Marouane Fellaini


Birmingham (A) Leighton Baines


BATE Boresov (H)...Shane Duffy


Chelsea (A)...Johnny Heitinga


Tottenham (H)...Seamus Coleman


AEK Athens (A)...Steven Pienaar


Liverpool (H)...Marouane Fellaini


Hull City (A)...Johnny Heitinga


Manchester United (A)...Johnny Heitinga


West Ham (A)...Johnny Heitinga


Benfica (H)...Marouane Fellaini


Aston Villa (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Tottenham (A)...Tony Hibbert


Bolton (A)...Louis Saha


Benfica (A)...Sylvain Distin


Wolves (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Stoke City (H)...Johnny Heitinga


BATE Borisov (A)...Tony Hibbert


Portsmouth (A)...Tim Howard


Hull City (A)...Leon Osman


Blackburn (H)...Louis Saha


AEK Athens (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Fulham (A)...Sylvain Distin


Wigan...(H)...Jack Rodwell


Sigma Olomouc (A)...Steven Pienaar


Burnley...(A)...Tony Hibbert


Sigma Olomouc (H)...Jack Rodwell


Arsenal (H)...Steven Pienaar

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Honestly i have never felt so excited, as when i genuinely thought Hibbert scored that volley in the top right hand corner...I jumped up so high. Today, Tony was immense, loved it. Johnny made a real difference when he came on though, bit of steel that we've missed since he got injured!! Hibbertoni my MOTM.

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What a terrible game! At least this was the last time I make the journey from Milton Keynes for a little while. Gave it to Hibbo as well for his jinking runs down the right and at least 3 shots I recall. His crossing wasn't great though! Once I voted I couldn't believe Distin hasn't got any votes and Bily is in 2nd! Billys goal was superb but once again he'll only do one good thing in a match. He never takes a player on, passes were all over the place and generally looks scared of the ball. However that said I'm glad he scored as it woke me up, otherwise I may still be there now!

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My vote had to go to Hibbert! If he had scored that volley I would have given him player of the season let alone MOM! On a serious note, he was very positive going forward and although some of his decision werent great it was brilliant to see. The more confidence he gets at that end of the pitch the better he will be.


The rest of the back 4 and Howard did what they had to do. They all looked solid and although Baines was a bit sloppy with his delivery at times, the ball for Saha early doors was sublime.


Osman, Rodwell and Arteta all had decent games. They kept us ticking over although it was to pedestrian at times. I was hoping Rodwell would be left to partner Saha more upfront but unfortunately it didnt really happen, Pompey closed down all the space between midfield and defence meaning none of these players could really find the room to do anything special.


Pienaar was sloppy. I dont think he benefitted from Saha being very lazy, as whenever he looked up Saha was always marked which meant he dwelled on the ball too often and got tackled. His distribution got better when Yakubu came on but he was still sloppy.


Big Vic was good again IMO. He did a lot of good things, but just lacked that final quality. A couple of the turns he made were top class, unfortunately the shots following werent!


Saha was crap. Very dissapointing. I admit his service wasnt great, but he didnt want to close anyone down and he didnt really try and make space with his movement.


Yakubu looked very sharp when he came on. Some nice touches and much better link up play than Saha. At home and in game where we should dominate possession I would definitely look at starting Yakubu ahead of Saha. He brings people into the game more, which suits our 5 man midfield. When we are away and need to hoof the ball on occasions Saha is much better in the air, and if teamed with Cahill who both want to work they can put a lot of pressure on the defence.


I am surprised Billy has got so many votes. His goal was stunning but he does need to work on his movement out wide. I think he is very good at drifting inside, which could really suit Coleman (if he plays) as he will bomb down the wing, overlap and take a man on. I just wish he would concentrate and give more.


We could have absolutely stuffed Pompey on Sunday if we had taken some of our chances. Unfortunately this is our problem right now. Will it improve with a better striker? Maybe, but probably not (Yakubu and Saha are both proven goal scorers). Will a new midfielder help? Maybe, but he would have to have real quality on the ball (which I think Donovan does). Should we play two up top? No, at least not if it involves Cahill in midfield!

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