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Romey 1878


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Moyes has been great here at Everton......there's no reason why someone else couldn't do better.

We don't own him, and one day he will move on.


Next season will be massive for Everton and Moyes, lets hope we really enjoy it.


As so often mentioned on here :rolleyes: he (Moyes) hasn't really done that much in Europe......well David other than playing Rangers that's just about all you'll have to look forward to.


I would say that 6th place in the prem with Everton is harder to achive than 2nd place with Celtic in the SPL.....where the hell's the challange in that!


Come on David even Walter Smith wins championships north of the border......call that a challange.

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You've got to admire and love his passion and commitment, I'll never tire of him talking about standards and the level he expects, and I really do believe his determination rubs off on the players. Interesting that he talks about expecting the players to play his way whether he's there or not - what he has done is build side now that is absolutely immersed in his way of thinking and his approach to the game, and which totally believes in that approach. It's something that defines most of the great teams over history, i just hope we see it reap rewards. Also interesting that he singles out Ossie as one of his 'managers' on the pitch, just shows how important Moyes considers him to be to the squad even if he isn't automatic first choice all the time.

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