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Everton Training Day - Sydney

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Yep, another preview thread of another day amongst the blues.


Today was a training day that we got to watch at Sydney's ANZ Stadium.


The boys eventually walked in to the stadium and began their warm up routines.


The boys had a bit of a kick around while Moysey also had a play with the ball, where he displayed some of his skill. I've seen photos and videos of him having a kick around, but seeing it in person was a whole lot more of an experience.


The boys had a bit of a kick around which was great to watch, then they separated and a few had some shooting practice. Again, this was a joy to watch where they hammered shot after shot.


Then we have Bainsey and a few others doing... Pilates? Some were stretching, while Vaughn had some passing practice with Steve Round.


The day ended when the players made their way back through the tunnel. As they made they were through they signed and greeted the fans again. Moysey stayed for quite some time signing, as did King Louis.


Another awesome day :)

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