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Is Everton Traditionally Catholic Or Protestant?

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I do find it interesting myself from a EFC social point of view rather than from a religious perspective. The Everton old firm songs that we done, well those that I know the words of, were actually sung with the original sectarian bashing removed and replaced with kopite bashing instead!


I think it was more a case of that's a good tune and I like Rangers/Celtic, and so write an Everton footballing version.

Eg, The Everton Athenry version was made up in the Winslow in the 80s when the Celtic fans were coming down. So our fans heard them singing it, thought that's good then done an Everton version. I have heard from a couple of different Liverpool sources that Liverpool's version of FOA was actually based on Everton's version, and was done a good 8-10 years later if not more.


Like most Everton songs though they don't stretch to being sung en masse but are sung in smaller numbers, hence why some fans think we've got half a dozen songs while others know we've had hundreds.

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