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Doesn't sound like he'll be retired from football for very long.

Jesus. Sounds like someone threw spoons into a blender.

We're signing nobody the rumour thread should be shut down.


Every morning i wake up like a child on xmas morning, wondering ... hoping...nearly praying


That today is the day i log on to the interweb, and it says to me we finally signed someone who could make our team genuinely better.


Every morning i have the same old feeling of anguish, disappointment, resentment',grond hog day' and 'we're fucked'


Every morning i leave for work with one of those voices in my peculiar mind ....for how long? It can range!




No one in, no one out. Lets get on with it, have a fucking go! because we do have a


team capable of beating any team in the PL on their day! That'll do for now for me!


Some one stick this in the RANT THREAD for me thanks! Now i feel better.

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I at least though one cheap loan/free would come........just for the sake of it. With all the players available at some clubs there's bound to be ones that won't get half as much game time as they would here, and I would think despite us having no money there be at least half a mil we could club together to fund one loan/signing on fee.


I was never getting my hopes up but how hard is it to ask the question...could we loan this player? i mean the worst they can say is no so why not ask anyway? Whatever happened to haggling?

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