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Has Martinez got it wrong?

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Romey, let me help you out with this handy template. Just cross out the entries that don't apply,


Another [exciting/dull/boring/brilliant] game. Such a pity that Howard had a howler and let in those [one/two/three/four/ten] late equalizers. Ratings for this game.


Howard. Couple of awesome saves. Pity about the [howlers/penalties/beard].

Coleman. Great runs up the wing and enjoyed the [goal/foul on Henderson/miskick]. Sucks in defence sometimes.

Jags. Great captain but too [quiet/slow/boss] at times. Wonderful half-volley to [score/crack the crossbar/knock out the ref].

Stones. Great in the air. Great on the ground. Don't believe the rumours that he's going to [Chelsea/United/City/Arsenal/Bayern/Harrogate for his hols.]

Baines. Superb sense of space. Great defensive plays. Waste of [one/two/three/four/twenty] corners.

McCarthy. The man is an engine. 90% pass completion to [Howard/Jags/Stones]. Has struck a real partnership with [Cleverly/Cleverley/TC].

Barry. Looked for him everywhere on the pitch. Only knew he was playing because he [came out the tunnel/got a red/held hands with Bobby]

Clev. The surprise player of the season. Two great passes for the season. Only player to have [scored from 50 yards/missed an open goal/have two three Es in his name].

Kev. Doesn't seem interested, but what a [goal/hairstyle/salary].

Gerry. What trickery but too selfish and no [final product/new haircut/hamstring left]

Rom. Great goals again today. The man is a beast. Can't [say enough about him/see him staying/control the ball].

Ross: Came on after [85/86/87/88/89/90] minutes. Wonderful shot with his [right/left] foot.

Gibson: Nice to see him play this season. Left after [1/2/3] minutes with a torn [hamstring/bicep/shirt]. Will be out for [1/2/3] [weeks/months/seasons]

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