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Lokking For Everton Tv Shows Please Help!

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Hello all! i am looking for two tv programs about the blues, one called 'The Golden Vision' and also another documentary about the betting scandal of Tony Kay in the 60's called 'The Fix'. If anyone can tell me where i can get hold of these then please let me know.cheers.

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The best thing to do is write away to the TV COMPANIES, i think both those programmes have been on the tele, but i dont know which stations.


You wont get them in the Superstore, They where TV programmes.

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I don't know if these links are any help, or help you on your quest...


The Golden Vision




In the Britmovie link, there is a member called mr_j_morris who posted in March 2005 who obviously knows a little more, and possibly where to get hold of a copy...


then...a little bit more digging brought up this website...



Now, here is the page... http://mastersound.co.uk/Video_Products/video.htm

scroll down a little and 'The Golden Vision' is listed. You can purchase it from this website, on VHS video for £13.00 or on DVD Video for £15.00 (the price includes postage).


I am still looking for 'The Fix'


Hope this helps in the meantime.

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