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My 50th anniversary Goodison pilgrimage

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Hi fellow Toffee's. I wonder if anyone can help make my 50th anniversary Goodison pilgrimage happen?


I married a Kiwi and have lived in Nelson NZ for 25 years. My dad took me to my first game when I was 7. As he was a chippie, he made this mini fold out ladder which he'd prop up against the front wall in the Bullens Rd paddock so I could see the game. Even then, my head just about cleared the wall, so my memory is of watching white socks run past my face in those early days!


I'm now 56, and as the old lady is soon to be de commissioned, and as it's 50 years since my dad took me to that first game, I've decided it's now or never for me to come home to see one final game at Goodison Park before she, and some of my best childhood memories are confined to history for ever more.


I'm about to book flights and will be in town in mid December. I'm really hoping to get to go to both the back to back games on Dec 16th (v Swansea) & 23rd (v Chelsea) but no longer have contacts in Liverpool, so here's where you Toffeewebbers can hopefully help me out. I need some guidance re a) pre booking tickets without it costing an arm and a leg through my travel agent, and B) booking airbnb accommodation while I'm in town, preferably of course with fellow blues supporters. I get my daily fix of EFC news from Toffeeweb although I don't contribute very often. I'd love to have a beer with a few supporters pre game too of course.


Toffeeweb was the obvious place to start & any help you guys could give me to make this happen would be very much appreciated.


I'm getting excited already! COYB.


I'll look forward to any replies and assistance offered.






Paul Kernot


0044 3 547 8376

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