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October Results

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Think October has been a resonable month for the Blues.


Considering we played Arsenal and Middlesbbrough away and only a single home game then 4 point from 9 was an acceptable return in the Prem under any conditions.


A good result in the cup has help turn it in to a better than average month.


And scoring 8 goals in 4 games is very encouraging considering AJ not been on the scoresheet this month. we are not a one man team!!!


Bouncing back from our first defeat of the season against Middlesbrough at the beginning of October, has shown that the team really beleives in themselfs, and that the first 7 or 8 games have not just been a lucky. And that abeit the fact a virus has affected most of the players over the past 10 days.


Seen Lesscott rise in stature after AJ taking the limelight at the beginning of the year.


Cahill scoring for fun like he did in his first season for us.


At the beginning of the month I may have predicted maybe as many as 6 point from 9.


Maybe not sintilating football this month - but job done in my opinion.


Definately positive going in to November this season.

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Its a fair assesment mate I was dreading the wheels falling off after Boro' but it shows we have moved on as a team that we can carry on after defeats and as you say still grind out a few results with a sick squad and AJ slowing down a bit from his first months exploits!

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