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Duncans not a bad lad

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A Star footballer has given a huge donation to help raise money for brave meningitis battler Harvey Phillips.


It now looks like the auction and everything else combined with the £5,000 could raise up to £20,000. Everton player Duncan Ferguson, whose family are well known pigeon fanciers in Scotland, gave £5,000 to the fund for Harvey, as well as a silver charm for good luck.


It is believed he read of Harvey's plight in a pigeon trade magazine which advertised an auction to be held on Sunday to raise money for the little boy.


Auction organiser Tony Mardon (65), of Yarburgh, near Louth, had a huge shock when the post arrived in the morning.


"We were opening the post and out popped this cheque. We cannot believe it," he said.


"It now looks like the auction and everything else combined with the £5,000 could raise up to £20,000.


"We have thanked him very much."


Darren Phillips, Harvey's father, said it was unbelievable.


He said: "It is mind-blowing and I cannot thank him enough. We are going to write to him."


Harvey's uncle, Leighton Atkinson, of Reston Road, Legbourne, said the donation came completely out of the blue.


He said: "Harvey's father, Darren, phoned me this morning and told me. He was very excited to have a cheque from somebody like that. It's a bit of a one off."


The donation came just after a majestic pigeon flew in from the Queen's quarters in answer to Harvey's plight.


The yearling blue chequer, Lady Anne, arrived at pigeon fancier Tony's home from the Royal Lofts, Sandringham.


Mr Marden and his wife, Anne, have been working with the birds for 30 years.


As previously reported, they were delighted when the Queen, a patron of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, offered one of her birds for the auction to raise money for the 10-month-old who got the potentially fatal bug earlier in the summer.


Mr Mardon (65) said: "It's the first royal pigeon we have handled and it has caused tremendous interest.


"Somebody will buy it for breeding purposes. It will be sold to a very proud new owner."


There are already around 100 pigeons lined up for the auction on Sunday.


Mr and Mrs Mardon hope they can raise £12,000 from the event at the My Father's Moustache pub, North Holme Road, Louth. It will be followed by a fun day, organised by Harvey's family, next Saturday, at Louth's Cordeaux School.


As reported, Harvey returned to his Arundel Drive home on Wednesday.


The little boy had both legs amputated below the knee, his right arm below his elbow, and the fingers of his left hand.


He has spent almost two months at Sheffield Children's Hospital.


Auction viewing is at 12.30pm. The auction starts between 2pm and 2.30pm.


In tomorrow's Grimsby Telegraph Harvey's parents speak for the first time since he returned home.


Contact My Father's Moustache on (01507) 607796.

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He's a goodun isn't he, mind you that poor lads been thru loads of sh1t already hasn't he poor kid!! Everyone goes on about Big Dunc being an aggressive bloke , this goes to show just the opposite!!

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I think a lot of other players (that earn more than Dunc) could take a leaf out of his book.


Just imagine how much mney could be raised if every premiership player gave just £1000 to a charity (am sure a lot of them do anyway)

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Thats spot on adam , its not like they would miss say 5000 a week or something and imagine the difference it could make to peoples lives .


There should be some sort of contributary factor in these players wages that means they must contribute to charity and stuff .

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One of the charities could be called (B T A N C), Buy Toffeelicker A New Car. :rolleyes:

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