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Independent Lescott Interview

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Great piece in the Independent today...part of which is this...


Nineteen years ago, when Everton last reigned as champions of England and their central defence was the preserve of Kevin Ratcliffe and Dave Watson, Lescott was struck by a car as he stepped into the road outside his primary school in the Midlands.


His mother, sitting in the family car opposite, could only look on as her child was dragged along the road and suffered such severe head injuries that his survival was in doubt as he was taken away for major surgery. Numerous operations followed, leaving the scar that is still visible on Lescott's forehead and which has left a permanent reminder of that dreadful afternoon. "I was lucky," he insists, and in a sport that discusses fortune, tragedy and triumph only too glibly, the Everton defender's assessment holds more currency than most.


Didn't realise that was the reason for his appearence.


>>>Full article here, well worth a read<<<

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There was an article all about Lescott in a match day program at the beginning of this season. The interview in the match program went on to say that the injuries gave him a positive outlook the will to win.


Like most blue's, I could not care less how he looks - so long as he keep turning in rock solid performances as he has since he joined us. Class.



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