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December - What Would Be A Fair Haul Of Points?

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6 games this month and a chance to get the season going for us.


Think there are plenty points available.


West Ham - (H) Need and expect 3 points from this game (3 points)


Portsmouth (A) The way they are playing, would be happy with 1 point, but 3 definately no impossible (1 point)


Chelsea (H) Even at home would be happy with any sort of result (o points)


Reading (A) More difficult than it looked in August - again any away point would be welcome (0 points)


Middlesbrough (H) - Home team has a massive advantage on Boxing day in my opinion, so would be disapointed as anything less than 3 points. (3 points)


Newcastle (H) - again enhanced advantage playing at home soon after the last match in the Xmas week, would be disapointed with any thing less than 3 points (3 points)



I expect/hope Everton collect at least 10 point in December - anything more would be a bonus, anything less would be a disapointment.


(the last time I tried this sort of prediction every month - we finished 4th as they always seemed to better my prediction)

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Ian    3

Fair assesment that Rob.


I think we really need to start getting it together, after the highs of the first few games we've fell into a bad run. We need to start getting wins in games we should and need to take all 3 points in, games like City are a must win and I hope against West Ham we are ruthless and play them off the park. The fans have to play a big part in this run in december. Goodision is a intimidating place to go to when we get going so we need to make it as hostile as possible, sing ya heart out for the lads!!


Goals need to start flowing as well. Beattie is poor and has attitude is even worse. I think we need to start playing Big Vic, he looks hungry and has been a handful everytime hes come on. He may be young but hes a big lad and knows what its all about. The midfield need to start producing more, Osman needs to up his game alot, hes been terrible recently and needs to contribute with a few more goals now Cahill and AJ are out.


We should go out with the attitude that we are going to beat whoever where facing. The lads need to roll the socks up and give it all they've got.


Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

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I'd be happy with 10 points tbh. I always say at the beggining of the season that to win all your home games would give you 57pts which wud put us right in the mix. For every game we lose home we have to win away. We are way off the pace at the moment. Results like the Wigan and City matches are sickners and its those types of games that decide where u finish the season.

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