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Fantastic Mentality...

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Bar me N Steve0 ;) ......They make you a mod yet mate...LOL.


just rub it in Pat

why oh why did L bring back all this pain?! :(



i cant believe how people are pickin on Cars


but some of them posts are just hilarious!

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Let me say this first, I never want to criticise an Everton player. However, that said, I think that the 'engine room' of most clubs is the midfield. Without a solid midfield you are weak at both going forward and when defending, and you lack in possession and poor at distribution.


In previous seasons, Carsley has been good at keeping and retaining possession, good at distribution and when he was along side the likes of Graveson, he shone in the squad. However, this season, he has lacked in all of the important areas unfortunately. But players can turn into form, and hopefully, if, he remains at Everton, he will turn for the better ASAP.


Lets remember that a lot of Evertonians where on Simon Davis's case for a long time, yet he has put together a small string of good games and he is a little more in favour. Is it this which has turned criticism and doubt to be turned to Carsley? Possibly!



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