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Carsley Signs Contract Extension

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seen the same article in the d mirror today which also says he hopes to b back from injury early in the new year the sooner the better in my opinion as r midfield is to light weight

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3 year extension, how old is he? what was the attitude to players at 30 when negotiating contracts not so long ago?


yes a decent player, yes puts the effort in, but i would prefer tommy back instead.


meyde cahill gravesen arteta


very very classy midfield, with enough bite to be able to mix it when necessary.

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Pat    2

Think A little Loyalty may have swung the Carsley deal. Lee could well have packed up & moved him self back to the Black Country.


Had several offers & im led to believe the cluib would not have stood in his due to his personal & family circumstances.


Lee has a child that suffers a delibatating illness & his family have mostly stayed in the midlands.


Apparently all the travel & seperation has been very tough on him & both his family. Also get the impression that Mr Casrley is a family 1st man & no one could discourage that.


Furthermore, It is believed the Carsley's are now in a managable location & Lee has a contarct to keep he & his fasmily settles for the immediate future.


WIn, win situation.


In addition to this & a mark of the man..Their was a time during & before the summer when Mr Lee Carsley was very close to walking away for what was then a 4th plced side that had qualified for the champiosn L.


for the sake of his misses & kids.


Wonder how many others would give that up in this day & age?


A fair reward to a decent bloke & a family role model this fella.

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