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Tickets 4 Millwall

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Zed    1

The official site should give you all the information you need, but unless you've got about 10 away subs you can probably forget it, there wont be any info until next week I would guess, too early yet.

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you might be able to get it when it goes general sale.


though i suppose with it being in london there'll be more people going than went to the FA Cup 3rd round at Plymouth I went to last year. I got a ticket for that on general sale but that was not only a long way away for those of you living in Liverpool but not really in a place that's going to be full of Everton fans.


London on the other hand probably has a decent quoter of fans that only need to make a small trip and it's on a fast direct route for those that travel to most games.


I'm tempted with this one as i'm travelling to London on the Sunday, going to New York on the Monday. don't think my missus will be too up for it and it'll cost a hefty price to change my flights to saturday but still quite tempted. i'll wait and see on the ticket news first I think.

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