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Everton's Best Xi

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I know its the Sun, but during my usual lunchtime browse over the sports pages came across this.



Absolutely no way to Linekar.


Sharp, McKenzie, Latchford, Young - all much, much better than him in Royal Blue Jerseys!


The rest of the team is fine though! Although I would possible change one or two around!

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I wouldn't have lineker over tony cotte, never mind latchford, young or sharpe


But would go with the rest of the team


Did you read some of the comments below, some real bellwiffs have wrote in their


One said "Trevor Steven should replace Sheedy" hmmmmmmm

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Lineker is our highest ever scorer since Dixie... 40 goals in the season he was with us, finished just 2 games away from the league and cup double.


1986 runners up in the League and beaten at wembley in the cup final, both by you know who.

had we won the league that year it would have given us the treble when we won it again in 87 had already won it in 85.


But no...Lineker still wouldnt get in my team. <_<

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