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Ballyoulster United

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The team is called Ballyoulster United AFC and they are a team who have many youth teams. The club have set up a deal where the BUAFC staff spot potential talents and recommend them to the club regardless of whether they play for BUAFC or the opponents.


Do you think that the club will take the idea of a scouting network in Ireland seriously? I was reading the Irish supports website earlier and one of the posts said that the academy director Ray Hall stated there is no talent in Ireland worth pursuing.


If that is the case then why set up a feeder team? It's obviously not the case seeing as there have been lots of players from Ireland coming over to England in the past few seasons and proving they are good enough (Doyle is an obvious candidate).


I've read a few irish people's opinions and they say it's bad for irish football because all the better players will be moving to merseyside, becoming disillusioned with football by 20 and knocking the football career on the head, instead of playing in the Eircom League.

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