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R.i.p -> Paul Mac ( Paul Mccomb )

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Pat    2

Sadly Paul a long time Blue netizen associated as a mod & member with Bluekipepr over many years has been tragically lost in a car accident.


Louis & many of the longer term reg's who have @ some stage frequented or browsed Kippa will no exactly what a loss this fine Evertonian is to the whole Everton family.


Personally had little personal interaction with the man, but even from a distance an Obvious Big hearted Top Blue was the universal impression gained.


We are 1 less on earth blue bretheren, but 1 stronger up above......Farewell TOP Blue.


RIP our Brother.


Kipper Obituarie






Tribute Image Borrowed From kipper.

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Zed    1

Paul sits (sat) near me in the park end


I knew him from about 18 years ago strangley when he worked in a company opposite the company I worked in in Kirkby industrial estate and I ve allways had a passing contact with him


Very nice and funny man, he also used to bang the goals in in the liverpool sunday leagues as I recall, and then recently used to see him at home games


Shocked when I heard yesterday



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