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Are We.....  

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  1. 1. As everton fans....

    • Optimistic.
    • Gullible.
    • Pessimistic
    • Cynical

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Every time we get a hint of money coming to the club we get exited, myself included, now i gotta ask are we as fans...


A.. Optimistic

B.. Gullible

C.. Pessimistic

D.. Cynical

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Gullible 4 sure


Speak for youself....we'd be gullible if we really believed it was going to happen and optimistic if we thought it was going to happen. Don't think Everton fans in general (and certainly me) fit either of those criteria. You need "pessimistic" and "cynical" in the options as well....think that'd be a more realistic position for most of us.

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very much doubt anything like thios will happen for awhile, we've already had a russian millionaire paper merchant and and that sports interactive (or whatevre they were called) mooted as taking over and nothing ever happened, doubt anything will happen, especially from a rumour from a everton website. and if someone does come in it will take along time to get the whole thing in motion, these things are never quick and rarely painless

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