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Ot: Everton Megastore

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A bit like our attack then?.






Damn ok cheers all, still after the z cars single & Forever everton album, I went to the megastore last weekend bought the cd & no friggen cd in the case grrrrrrrrrr. and as for the z cars single they r currently out of stock of them & as for limewire... I wish Bill Clinton wud do 1 LOLOLOL. Wonder if they sell the Everton CD's in the music stores in Liverpool City Centre? As any1 come across them? I took the empty forever everton cd back to the megastore which they said that it was the last friggen 1 & refund me.

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The megastore is normally open till 3 on a normal sunday


I only know this as I was driving past at 3 O'clock the other week and thought I would pop in as most shops are open til 4



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