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Rob W

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Nice to see we show a bit of class. The same is generally true in real life, the poor give generously to charity and the rich dont want to know.






By Don Mackay 26/03/2007

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TOP football clubs run by the rich are misers when donating cash to charity, a report claimed yesterday.


Liverpool and Chelsea finished bottom of a league table for the amount given to charities as a percentage of turnover for each club.


Roman Abramovich's Chelsea gave just £7,000 last year to good causes, while Liverpool, run by US billionaires, gave no cash at all.


Top donors to charity are Spurs, Middlesbrough, and Everton, says the study by intelligentgiving.com.


Mid-table Man Utd gave £62,843. Everton spokesman Ian Ross, said: "A club is about more than football. It's about give and take with the community. We live up to the name our manager David Moyes gave us - the People's Club."


But Chelsea said: "Last season we raised £4.5million for good causes. To suggest otherwise is misinformed and misleading."


The Premier League said the report ignored clubs' charity trusts

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livershite didnt give a penny according to the paper i was reading (some shit one you get for free on the trains, thinks its called "the metro") but i cant see liverpool not giving some to charity but if they did then there just wankers, which we already knew ofcourse.

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The difference is in the wording. Chelsea claim to have "raised" £4.5m and I'm sure all clubs raise money for charity. I raised a lot of money once doing a sponsored parachute jump but it cost me nothing and I had a great time. "Giving" is something completely different and nine prem clubs (including Liverpool) gave nothing.

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As if we didnt already know we were better than evryone else.


Weve just got more CLASS than the rest.


BUT you watch next season, now that the rich clubs know someone is out there looking at how much is being given to charity they'll be reaching in their pockets.

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