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Arnold Meets Moyes -> Vesavee Cahill Mostly

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Australian Manager Graeme Arnold this week has met David Moyes, what was originally a pencilled in quick 10 min word, turned in to a 2 hr summit.


Aparently Moyes got a bit of his chest, Arnold took on board, then they discussed a future management plan for Cahilll both @ club & International level, the demands on the lad, suggestions as how to counter travel demands, reheab & recov & availability, amongst other things. ( even our sports scientists, Physios, doc's etc have forged a link via this with the Oz Set up)


Both parties then departed pleased with I suppsoe the breakthrough, The common ground agreed, A bridge built with a Club & Country pulling in the same direction 4 a change.


I know that Arnold was most taken aback by the reception Moyes gave him as the relationship has been somewhat frosty in the past.


All parties more than satisfied.

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