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Barry Horne

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Not much of a topic of discussion more of a tribute. Live far away from Goodison and often my experiance of the matches is based on the "unbiased match commentary" of Barry Horne on Toffeetv. Would just like to ask your opinion on this guy. Putting him up for honary Everton legend, scored one of the most important and memorable goals ever [wimbledon] and week in week out gives the most biased and blue commentary on matches possible. A true blue and legend?


Presume you've all listened to him on Toffeetv, has me in bits week in week out, reckon he could have second calling as a funny man! Lets start a petition to Sky, Andy Gray out! Barry Horne in! No more kissing Man united arse praise were it truly belongs, "The peoples club" Come on you Blues!

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I have to say I haven't heard Barry Horne on Toffeetv.....though you certainly have

buit him up a bit!!(your not his agent...are you?) :rolleyes: My own feelings about

commentry on the radio or the tv is that you say it as you see it!If Everton are playing

crap!then lets have it.Sure it's painfull when you hear a commentator say your team

is playing rubbish.....but hey thats life!


Barry Horne"legend"sure who can ever forget THAT goal!.....or that goalkeeper!!

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