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Romey 1878

A Spurs Fan

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It is disturbing because many of his comments hold a ring of truth, I hate to admit it but we HAVE fallen by the wayside. In terms of ambition and achievement.


I would still rather be Blue than an embittered Lillywhite twit hole with a lack of perspective.





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Spurs are the most self deluded fans in the league, whining cunts who are so far beind their local rivals Arsenal they look for anything to perpetuate the myth they were once great.


This was a classic little nugget of wisdom

They were challenging for trophies and rather fortunately piped us to the title back in 1987 where we were forced to concede it - victims of a crippling fixture pile up.
This is the year they finished 3rd - 15 points behind us, the closest they have been to the title in the last twenty years I should add.


If you compare Everton’s current situation to ours at Tottenham it is like night and day. With the exception of Arteta I can’t think of any of the clubs players that would get into our starting X1

Mmm lets see: Including Arteta who he generously conceded, Johnson, Cahill, Lescott, Yobo, Howard (Miles better than Robinson last year) would all walk into their side as would Fernandes.


Things are a mess and as for you array of young players like Vaughn and Emile Heskey II there is no one pushing through to what can only be described as best an average first XI
The fact he's comparing Anichebe to Heskey shows he knows fuck all about football.


Everton is wasting away despite obvious talents of David Moyes

Yea that's what we're doing finishing 4th and 6th in the last 3 years...


It begs the original question what the hell has been going on there since they last won the title 20yrs ago this year?
OR it begs the question what have the hell have Tottenham been doing for 46 years (1961) when they last won the title.


Is it just down to a lack of investment? The constant buying of average players?

Another quality comment considering the amount of money Spurs have thrown away. Rebrov for 11mil, Helder Postiga £6.5M, Ben Thatcher 5.5m, Dean Richards 8.5m (remember him?:lol: ) the list of shite goes on thats just some of the expensive cockups. Taricco, Freund, Perry, Bunjevcevic, Doherty, Pamarot, Ricketts...on and on and on.




League Titles


Everton: 9

Tottenham: 2 - Last league title won in 1961 :blink:


What a load of BOLLOCKS that article is.


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What a load of BOLLOCKS that article is.



That would've done for me....saying there are "good points" in it is a bit like suggesting there are "good points" in "Mein Kampf," possibly true but rendered completely irrelevant by the psychotic rantings that make up the bulk of it.

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Haha made me laugh the "only player who would get into our starting 11 is arteta" for one lescott is better than anyone in their defence (king is injured to much)

howard is a miles better keeper than robinson

cahill better than jenas

AJ, not better than berb but i'd have him over keane, mido and defoe anytime of the week.

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