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Help Please Folks

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Hey folks,


I'm thinking of getting the Evertonia membership this year but I dunno what to do....here's my problem


Two years ago I got the membership and whenever I wanted tickets I could only get one ticket (unless they were general sale, in which case I don't see the point of the Evertonia membership!). anyway, problem is, I always go with the missus (she drives ;) ) but I need to know whether if I get her a membership too whether we can book two tickets together for games?


anyone else had this problem, or can anyone answer this??


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You're only allowed one ticket per membership. So get her one aswell and u'll be able to get 2!


Its decent value for money aswell!

so if you order online, can you request to book with two memberships? otherwise we might end up in different stands! which would give me 90 minutes peace i suppose.... :lol:

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just to end this, i emailed the ticket office (who replied in minutes!)


apparently there's now an option on the site when you buy tickets to add another member's details in and book seats together.


seems my cunning idea of booking in different stands might have been foiled!!

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