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Things Are Looking A Bit Better!

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Hi all, now I am sober (just) I can maybe explain what I meant after the RS game, when I said I would give my support to local football. Basically, living 'daan saff' and working most weekends, I get little time to actively support the Blues.


However, Between my son and 2 grandaughters, I must purchase at least £4-500 worth of Everton merchandise each season. even the kids selection boxes this year were from Everton! I get to games whever I can, but with each game, including all the extras, petrol etc costing me and my son around £130, added to the merchandise spend, then this money is what I was going to use supporting local teams, if no sort of commitment was shown by the team. (make no difference to them, just a personal protest).


However, as the last 2 games are looking a bit better, (not counting chickens yet!) I will wait and see. I have been supporting the blues every since I was a young kid, (born in 1953, you work it out!) and will continue to do so. But as for giving them my money, although not nearly as much as most of you spend, well they will have to prove to me they are earning it first.


As an aside, who do you reckon is the oldest member on here? be interesting to see what mix of ages we have.


I could tell you some stories about the old days, watching the 1966 cup final etc....


During the WAR...........................................................................


ps looking at the post about season ticket prices, I reckon Toffeelicker must be in with a massive shout!

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Pat    2

Even us Arldies are well....Just out of our prime.




Well thats our story & were sticking 2 it...!!!

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