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Chris Samuelson

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Investment Issues:- The Final Straw Part 1

By Joe Jennings : 15/07/2007


I feel the need to take the unprecedented option and reveal all about a former ‘potential investor’


Browsing the internet almost a year ago, I stumbled across an interesting e.mail address. A name perhaps familiar to Evertonians. The Brunei based businessman Chris Samuelson, who was spearheading the Fortress Sport Fund bid to take over Everton, allegedly.


Promising shareholders the money was in place, standing tall with Kenwright, the money NEVER materialised. As intrigued as I was, I decided to let Samuelson know exactly how I felt. Perhaps an angry, somewhat childish e.mail was sent; however, it certainly suppressed my acrimony. Expecting no response, I was nothing short of amazed when I received a six-paragraph response from the man himself. Respectful I had to accept. Below is the the first installment Samuleson had to offer.


I was told: "If you knew the facts behind the scenes and the efforts done by me on behalf of EFC, you would not make such comments.


"I was asked to find a very rich investor with a real love of football, and ideal for the Toffees, by Bill Kenwright. I did within two weeks of the original request, and not just once. The first one was perfect but he hates publicity and when it came he had to withdraw. He promised to return but did not. The second one died very quickly having been diagnosed with cancer.


"Since then, I have approached at least 20 others that had the right credentials and that’s not just the money. They must love football and have no allegiance to another Premier League club and want to full heartedly support Everton and back the club with the necessary capital. They have ranged from Arabs to Russians to Asians and to Americans. There are few English candidates with the resources that meet the criteria.


"I have devoted a huge amount of time and effort and no little amount of cash — at least £200,000 in expenses and that excludes what the prospective investors spent on legal and accountancy fees. Discussions continue and we have come close, very close on several occasions. Keith Wyness and I speak every day.


"It is better for Everton to be patient and wait until we find the right person with the belief and the commitment plus of course the money. Finding that person has become a mission for me. If I am not the one to succeed, I will still rejoice when it happens. So when you tell me that I don’t deserve to step inside the shrine that is Goodison Park, I doubt if you would say that if you knew the facts. Fortress Sports Fund was an investment vehicle created for our original investor and available to be used by the investor when he is found.


"Bill Kenwright is a true Blue through and through but he and Jon Woods don’t have the financial resources to invest more money in the Club, but they know the Club is bigger than them and will take a smaller role when the new investor is found. Gregg doesn’t give a damn about the Toffees. He came on board only because he smelt profits with a new stadium deal. Everton’s board devote their time freely, the only board in the Premier League that does not reward itself. The exception is Keith Wyness, to my mind the best CEO in football and he has transformed Everton’s finances. David Moyes is an astute and motivating manager who has succeeded with limited resources."


Now I personally do not know whether the supposed things that Chris brought up are true. However, I do know that it contradicts most of the voices coming out of the club. By the sounds of the e.mail I received there certainly has been ‘serious investment’ interest. The information above was from an e.mail received almost a year ago. Since then I have been told investment is on the horizon time and time again. I felt now was the time to reveal all to the Evertonians who want answers, deserve answers, and to give them more of an insight than the club ever possibly could.




very interesting reading - whether it's authentic or not I do not know.

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Why leave it a year?



It's probably because there is so much unrest and disappointment right now, with a lot of people questioning why nobody has been interested in buying Everton and whether it is Kenwright turning people away.

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i may read it later on ....but all i'm saying what idiot would name something 'the final straw part 1' if it's part 1 it's not the final straw... sausage jockey

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Pat    2

Meanwhile authorties in several countries would like to get their mits on the allegedly Grubby Chris Samuelson.

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Come on - you don't buy this article do you?


As if this Chris Samuelson is going to come clean on who he is and what he does, because some random person sent him and e-mail -


One invester was just to shy, and a second invester died very quickly!!!


and he also tell how much money he was paid.


Very good e-mail from Samuelson as it conveniently answers a lot key questions.




Good story though!!

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