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A moving experience for 'greats' of Everton

Jul 18 2007

Liverpool Daily Post


Yesterday, the Daily Post exclusively revealed the first financial details of the deal which

could take Everton FC to Kirkby, with Tesco paying £50m towards anew stadium. Today we

speak to several prominent Evertonians for their views about the stadium move


So many big clubs have moved to better facilities for the fans. If the stadium is in the right

place, it is almost a must for Everton and hopefully the fans will be up for it. It is

disappointing that Everton were unable to move to Stanley Park, which I am sure would

have had the support of everyone.


Any move should not just be about the financial reasons, but to improve facilities. It would

be a wrench to leave Goodison Park but Arsenal have left Highbury and Sunderland have

left Roker Park, for example.


Obviously, Goodison holds many great memories for me - playing there as part of a

Championship winning side or the atmosphere of the game against Bayern Munich in the

Cup Winner's Cup.


I can remember first going to watch at Goodison Park in the boys' pen while the first time I

played there was for Huyton Schoolboys in a cup final back in the 1970s. I used to enjoy

playing there during my Bolton days but to then join Everton and have such a great career

there was fantastic.


Everybody will talk about the Bayern Munich night. Football at its best is when the crowd

get involved - and they certainly did that night. I also remember us beating Manchester

United 5-0 in the 1980s when they were going well. The team I played in then was capable

of beating everyone.


As much as I love Goodison, moving to a new ground is progress. They need to be able to

compete on and off the field and that means being able to provide the facilities to attract

corporate business. But I hope they remember the ordinary spectator when they come to

price tickets. It is still a working-class game and people should be able to afford to take

their kids to enjoy the game.


Fans will be disappointed at the prospect of leaving Goodison, but clubs that have moved

stadiums have received a massive boost.


Of all the people I know, no-one wants to go to Kirkby. Nobody even wants to move and

they are the people that pay. They have got to look out for the fans as they are the most

important people and there needs to be greater discussion with them.


Personally, I'd like to move towards the Park end of the ground, where the marquee is at

the moment, though it seems that is impossible but I'd certainly like to see us stay in the

same area as Goodison.


Everyone would want to stay within the Liverpool boundary in an ideal world, but

personally I don't believe that's feasible.


Everton don't have any alternative but to look very seriously at the Knowsley offer, as

Liverpool haven't come up with anything to match what Knowsley is offering. However,

Everton will have a problem where they go from here if there is a 'no' vote.




Three 'true Blues' give their reaction to the proposals


LIKE most Evertonians I have only the fondest memories of visiting Goodison Park as man

and boy. But do we want to stay buried in the past? I don't.


Let's be realistic. The club needs the extra income, and if we can make that leap why not

do it virtually debt-free? It's about time we put aside our tribal instincts and ignore what

the other lot in red are doing.


This move represents real progress for our club.DAVE MOFFITT


I CAN'T accept Keith Wyness's comments that it is all or nothing concerning the ground

move to Kirkby.


This sounds like scare- mongering to me. If this is truly the case, let's hear what

alternatives have been properly explored and considered.


I know most Evertonians will reject this proposal. It would be disastrous if we move.


I don't believe either that the economic and financial arguments stand up.




OK, let's go for Kirkby. I have supported Everton for 50 years in September and Goodison

has been my life. I am as emotion- ally attached to our home as anyone.


We have to move on.


Whatever criticism we may have of Kenwright, he is a true Blue, and if he has to take this

decision, then I for one back him.


Vote Kirkby and we can continue the re-building of our great team under the Kenwright/

Moyes/Wyness stewardship.



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