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Originally emailed by RW Culbertson.


If anyone looks at the numbers provided and doesn't do a double-take then you need serious mental evaluation. Furthermore, if you vote yes on this move after looking at these numbers then you're thicker than shit and need to confine your supporter aspirations to a couple of divisions lower.


How in the hell a "businessman" can get away with admitting to having no plan B in front of the very people who pay his exorbitant wages goes so far beyond gross incompetence that there is no rational explanation. The average person on the street typically has a plan B for buying a new car FFS, yet there is none for a decision that involves the movement of what will be, over the life of it, BILLIONS of pounds in money.


"Utter disgust" doesn't begin to convey my feelings any more...


Sell Goodison Park!? WTF for!? Sure, tear it down (after we've secured a new site WITHIN the city)...but throw the land away for a quick cash injection? Are you out of your f*cking mind? How inept can any one person be in planning!? Build something with favorable maintenance cost vs. revenue on it that the club owns and runs, or at least draws some type of lease payment off of. That's all they moan about, revenue, revenue revenue...yet they'll piss away prime real estate at the drop of a hat without any thought process whatsoever about long-term investment potential. Why would anyone in their right mind sell off land in the midst of one of the most well-known cities in England?


Unbelieveable. ..


For reference, some of you will remember this...





Look at the numbers...you tell me what does and doesn't add up.


Wyness, you're a disgrace to the profession and Kenwright, you're just as guilty for paying and continuing to employ this waste of space.


And you both need to go...now.


Oh, and thanks for excluding over 90 years of traceable suppport from my family in your effort to let just the "hard cores" vote. C*nts...every last one of them.


A vote for yes on this is a vote for your own stupidity and that of the people running this clown show...and you can quote me on that.

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well that was the biggest load of bullshit i've read.... first off everton football club, is a football club not real estate agents, their primary objective is in the interest of the club in football terms, not building any sort of housing estate or something.


as for not having a plan b, that depends on circumstances. just because there is no plan b doesn't meant there aren't any mitigation or contingency plans in place. they don't have to result in a plan b...when you're talking this much money it's not always feasible to have more than one option open at any one time. if the project is not deemed feasible and/or viable then it won't go ahead and then it's back to the drawing board. when as much negotiation goes on with a stadium compared to a fucking car it's hardly a reasonable comparison.


and as for calling voters stupid or thick as shit for voting yes, that just makes him even more ignorant. if he knows ALL the details of the future, the finances and the clubs position and details then he can have a point of view worth considering. but to call fellow evertonians thick and stupid... it's a waste of time reading this never mind replying...i'm somewhat irritated, perhaps even angered by this pathetic 'article'.

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Wtf is that fella on about, i feel slightly thicker for having read that.

But am sure he knows all the details and has all the experience and expertise of Mr Wyness and co, ahem. :rolleyes:

As Cracca says this is an ignorant article which is labelling people for having an opinion, its none of his business who votes yes and who votes no and to call some thicker than shit for their thoughts is sheer stupidity.

Not many clubs could end up with a brand new stadium, profit on their old ground and extra transfer funds each year when moving and we have the chance for it, if ur not moving forward your standing still and dynamic is the name of the game thesedays.

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