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Fantasy Football For Everton Fans!

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Hi guys,


I know that a lot of people already play Fantasy Football, but a few of us have just started up a new Fantasy Football Game, over at http://squadgod.com. Actually some of you guys on this site helped us out a while back with nick-names/chants for some of the Everton players - much appreciated! (we'll be updating the player profiles in the next week or so).


SquadGod is free to join, and there is a GBP 10,000 prize for the overall winner this season, and an 80GB i-pod up for grabs for the Manager of the Month in August.


It is fully customisable (if you want it to be!) - i.e. you can select the points scoring formula, budget, players per club etc.


We have also got Opta to provide the stats for a more precise scoring system (i.e. tackles, passing accuracy, interceptions can now all be considered for points scoring - again, if you want them to be! - Music to Gilberto's ears i'm sure!).


I have started an Everton fans league, which we can all join. I've used the default settings - as in, 4-4-2 or 4-3-3, 100 million budget, and 2 players per team from one club.


It'd be great if all you guys could come and try it out (even if you are playing another game as well). The more people we get involved, the more fun it'll be. Currently the AVFC Blog are the biggest group on there! Let's overtake them!!


The link is;




Any questions, just ask me!


Thanks guys!




p.s. Leighton Baines is an absolute snip at 5.7 million!




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