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Goodison Memories

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Nice footage!


Just wondering IF we don't move,what effect do people feel a really successful

season (ie a very good league position and maybe a cup) would have upon

the situation!


That kinda season should produce near 40,000 crowds each week,lodas more

merchandise sold and a very good out look,ie players wanting to stay and new

players wanting to come.

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Thats always a tricky question from the gf "who do you love more, me or everton"


I have had many minor arguments with my gf over football, especially during last world cup- she couldn't understand how i could want to watch football everyday and talk about it every minute. I tried to explain it in terms she would understand- shopping. I told her that imagine the shops are only open 90mins a week- thats a football game. Now imagine that once every 4 years there is a sale- that the world cup



she still didn't get it

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jamie that is genius!


but the answer to that question is always everton, but laugh right after it. your beong honest with them, but if they think your joking thats not your problem

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