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Romey 1878


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A protest is pointless. People who didnt vote CHOSE not to and thats that!


The LOOP idea certainly put a spanner in the works. Imagine what the result wouldve been if that hadnt have popped up. 70% YES?? 75% perhaps??

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If their(the people who have made the decision)minds are made up,to the extent

where a protest wont change anything....what goods a protest,except to cause unrest!


Apparently we are the first club to ever ask their fans if they would agree a move

to a certain area......Fortunately or unfortunatly depending on which camp your

in,the decision has been made!


Aren't there still things that could cause the Kirby plan to fall through?


I never had a vote....if I had,I like Goodison....even though people keep saying it's

falling down!!(I think that's bullshit)....So I may have voted no.

I'd rather be top 6 at Goodison than mid-table in Kirby.


Were being told that to push for regular top 6/4 we need to move?


Thing is protest don't usually solve anything.....unless everyone does it,and the vote

proved a lot want to go for the move.

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