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My Honest Opinion Of The Move To Kirby

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I have supported the blues all my life. My son is Everton mad and we go to Goodison when we can and when I can afford to take him. It is with both excitement and apprehension that I realise that the move to Kirby is going to happen. I think the ballot was a done deal. I can't believe a club in such a position as Everton can rely on fans say that a move is allowed or not. Everton DO need a new ground. Goodison Park is a tired, pale reminder of days gone by. Only one stand without pillars to restrict views and some poor viewing points at the back of the bullens and Glwadys Street.


So a move to a brand new stadium is a good thing. Or is it? Some say that they will boycott the ground, where's the logic in that? If you are a supporter then you will travel to the ground and support your team. Some say that newer stadiums lack the atmosphere, to be honest, the last few games I have been to, there has been no atmosphere. It's very quiet around the ground.


Wouldn't Everton supporters prefere a state of the art fully purpose 50,000 seater ground or would they rather remain at a tired looking and in need of major investment which will not increase the attendance and which is still old fashioned? The move will happen. Why should we be afraid, we've done it before. The only thing with the whole project at Kirby is the association with Tesco. A money making machine like Tesco do not enter things unless they know they can make money out of it. This worries me.


At the end of this it's just my opinion which I wanted to share with eeryone else.

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- When Everton first played on Stanley Park it was outside the city boundary.

- When Everton first played at Priory Road it was outside the city boundary.

- When Everton first played at Anfield it was outside the city boundary.

- When Everton first played at Goodison Park it was outside the city boundary.

- When Everton play in Kirkby it will be outside the city boundary.


The city always followed Everton.


Knowsley is an artificial council rimming Liverpool and should be incorporated into Liverpool. This came about as Liverpool Council refused to incorporate Kirkby and Halewood in the city as the Boundaries Commission suggested. Kirkby is in all intents a part of Liverpool, as is Bootle, Birkenhead, Wallasey, etc. They are in the same socio-economic area as big Liverpool. There is talk of extending Liverpool to incorporate Knowsley and parts of Sefton.


The protracted stadium move over now 10 years has eaten at the club - this results from poor club management. From the biggest in the UK, the Mersey Millionaires, to second tier. There are no Arabs waiting with pot of gold ready to save Everton - Everton have a poor image. If EFC stay at Goodison Park, be prepared for Championship football.


EFC need a new stadium in a better location than GP, that is clear. I would like the stadium to be around Commercial Rd and this Bestway site looks not bad either. The ajacent Waterloo tunnel could be re-used and station opened up underground. If not then I will not cry about at Kirkby at all. My reservationis the cheap and nasty design for the Kirkby stadium - the corners are not even used. The sweeping bowl and roof creates atmosphere in modern stadia. Totally uinacceptable.


Below Everton at Anfield and clearly outside the city boundary which ran through the current Kop end end.



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