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Last year Cahill was considered by most teams as our biggest threat.He can score,

create and unsettle opponents.He is effective in midfield as well as the goal mouth.

To be fair he's always going to score more goals than Arteta especially if you don't

count Artetas free kicks.


But wasn't Cahill more effective in a single man attacking system?Moyes seemed to

think so!.......Now he's just bought an £11million front man to play with AJ or Vaughan.

And although he will obviously revert to a single man up front when ever HE wants too,

it doesn't look as if this will be his main tactic......or is it?When Cahills back will he ask

either AJ or Yakubu to fill the single striker role and let Cahill do what he did best and

which got us 4th place once!


It (a five man midfield)would mean we were harder to break down and allow Cahill

to do what he did best.......AJ,Yakubu,Vaughan and Anichebe(maybe even McFadden)

after that one strikers role!.....Can't happen can it?


Which means Cahill not in his what was for us his usuall role!Will he be as good?better

or worse maybe.


surely he's too good to consider as a sub!


There's loads of games coming up and we need him....if he hits the ground running

and hits form....then he,AJ,Yakubu,Arteta and Gravo are sure as hell going to cause

someone a problem or two......Wonder how many problems it will cause Moyes finding

him a role in the new system?

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Interesting point but it's a bloody nice problem to have isn't it? The difficulty, as always when a team has a quality squad, is keeping everyone happy which hopefully DM will be able to do. Think if the spirit in the side is right, and it seems to have been under DM with the odd exception (Rooney, although that was agent led, and Radzinski spring to mind) then all will be well. Hopefully we'll have enough games and be versatile enough in our approach to keep everyone happy.

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I agree, a nice problem to have -


Injuries, suspensions etc, everybody is going to get their chance this year - if you have somebody bearthing down our shoulder for a starting place - well you had better perform on a Saturday afternoon, or next week you are likley to be on the bench - if your lucky.

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