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Everton To Make History

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......by having a female announcer :rolleyes:


Ladies Day II



it was funny last year, blackburn game i think when a fan got the chance to be announcer jeffers was on the bench or someone we hate, and after he read it out the booing was so loud the guy just laughed into the microphone "not popular"

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Yeah, and he was fucking awful. Even worse than Rossy if that's possible.


Tip for the interview for ya everton: Have the guy pronounce a few names first. He's made such a fool out of himself, and us.

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Here is my introduction....


The Rahden rearguard... Stefan Wessels

Straight to the point... Phil Neville

The littlest Hibbo... Tony Hibbert

I asked him his name and in a dark brown voice he said Yobo.. Y-o-b-o. Joseph Yobo

But you don't know what he means to me, Joleon. Joleon Lescott

Baby Bazza..Leighton Baines

What can you play? The Pienaar.. Steven Pienaar

Who needs Ferraris or Bentleys when you can have a Jag? Phil Jagielka

Billinge's finest...Leon Osman

He's short and quick, shaves his head with a bic.. Andrew Johnson

Annie the (Super) Eagle... Victor Anichebe



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