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City Council to fight for Everton 15/10/07


Keep Everton in Our City would like to bring it to your attention that tomorrow evening, at 5pm, the following motion is going before Liverpool City Council :


"This City Council, mindful of the public agreement between the leader of the council and the leader of the opposition to work together to secure the Everton Football Club's future within the City's boundaries, calls on the Chief Executive to arrange for a meeting to take place between the leader of the Council, the leader of the opposition, together with the appropriate officers to discuss the following :


What is Everton Football Club's formal position on the proposed move to Kirkby?


If there is any prospect of Everton Football Club staying within the City?


Everton Football Club's position with regard to the suitability of sites within Liverpool that have been proposed by Liverpool City Council?


What are Everton Football Club's requirements in terms of land?


What assistance Everton Football Club would require from Liverpool City Council to relocate or develop Goodison Park?"


Also at this meeting, KEIOC will be making a short presentation to the City Council on the benefits of keeping the club within the city. We urge anyone who would like to show their support of this motion to attend the Council meeting at the Town Hall at 5pm on Tuesday, October 16th.

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I agree with you.


The meeting was scheduled for the night before but it was then moved to coincide with the england game so a turnout was minimal.



Warren Bradley's Lib Dems will lose support for allowing Everton to leave and they know it so this is a way of diluting their voter's loss of faith.

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starting to seem too little too late by bradley and his muppets.

they should never have let all this get so far, now it may be too late.


i heard last nite there are 11000 people willing to not renew season tickets next season, both terrace fans and corporate, including evertons very first corporate customer, cant remember the guys name. but it seems keioc are getting a few more people involved

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