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Everton On Vhs

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If anyone has everton on vhs from days gone by and would like them transferred to dvd then please let me know.


I am a genuine fan so there will be no costs etc so if yu are interested then please reply.

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Would they become better quality or isit just for the sake of being able to play them on a DVD player?


The picture quality will not be any better as it is copied direct from the tape. The vhs tape will in time get worse whilst the dvd will be fine no matter how many times it is played.


Depends on what you are looking for. I have a dvd from 84/85 and there is a menu so you can select which games you want to watch (to the tune of z cars) instead of having to ffwd the cassette all the time.


All in all I would say it is worth getting vhs tansferred to dvd.

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