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Moyes Still Seething..

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Any thoughts that David Moyes might have calmed down in the aftermath of one of the most controversial meetings in Merseyside derby history vanished yesterday when the Everton manager used his press conference before this evening’s Uefa Cup group A game against Larissa to launch a new verbal attack on Mark Clattenburg, the referee.


Moyes, still angry after his side lost 2-1 to Liverpool and had two players sent off by Clattenburg, indicated that his team had a chance against Larissa as they did not have to play 12 against nine. “The one thing I have tried not to do lately is to be critical of referees,” Moyes said. “But we knew the minute we had come off last Saturday that we had been victims of an injustice.


“Are we over Saturday? No. But it will make us stronger. At one point it was 12 against nine. The players will benefit from the experience. The only positive was the fact that the game was not decided by the players but by the referee.”


Moyes’s comments follow his attack on the Tyne and Wear official, who has been left off the list of Barclays Premier League matches for this weekend, immediately after Saturday’s mayhem. Then, he accused Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool captain, of encouraging Clattenburg to give Tony Hibbert a red card after the Everton defender had brought him down for the equalising penalty.


He was also incensed that Dirk Kuyt, who scored both of Liverpool’s goals from the penalty spot, escaped a red card for a two-footed lunge at Phil Neville, who was later sent off for deliberate handball, and was upset that his side were not awarded a penalty in the final seconds after Jamie Carragher wrestled Joleon Lescott to the ground. The FA has so far opted to take no action against Moyes, although his latest remarks could spark a rethink at Soho Square.


Moyes, however, is undeterred. “I know the real story,” the Scot said. “I know what has gone on and I know what the referee’s thoughts were because of his comments to me. If the FA want to know the real comments then they need to speak to me.”



Apparently Clattenberg's wife was in Gerrard's VIP lounge at GP and they often have dinner at eachother's houses (source: Gerrard's book).

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the one thing i hate about the FA.


when a ref has had a shocker of a game (which happens) the FA support them

when a ref has a shocker of a game to the point where its bias towards one team (usually one of the big 4) they still support them

whenever a manager says i think the ref got all the major decisions wrong (unless its one of the big 4) the FA throw the book at them



the FA will react instantaneously whenever a manager says the ref was wrong however they will defend thier refs until dawn over things like this.

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