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Joseph Yobo

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It's good to see that he has started his own charity helping those who are less fortunate, he's sponsoring hundreds of Nigerian children through schools and university aswell as looking to start his own football academy.


"Although I grew up in an average family and managed to finish secondary school, other people around us were not so fortunate.


I am from the Niger-Delta, so something good has come out from there.


"There were people who were not able to realise their potential, even though they were brilliant, because their families could not afford to take them all the way.


"What I am doing with this foundation is to help people in a similar situation achieve their full potential in whatever they do, and I am proud to be able to help."


"I am starting in my area because charity begins at home, but my vision is to take this project to every part of Nigeria.


"When I went to the homes of abandoned kids and those living with HIV/Aids I was close to tears and begin to appreciate how lucky some of us are in this world.


"Such places make you feel sad and I have vowed to do the best I can to help relieve their struggle."



Fact: Did you know Joseph Yobo's older brother has also played for Nigeria? ;)

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