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Tc's Goal Celebration...pt.2

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Have to say that I was impressed with TC for his restrained goal celebration last night. Shows that he knows and cares how the fans feel..Millwall fans in this case..and that's a rare thing among footballers. Remember Andy Johnson did the same when he scored for Palace against Brum and most famously Dennis Law when he relegated Manure.

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Didn't Beattie do the same when he scored against the Saints last season


Don't remember that but it wouldn't surprise me..this is what TC said last night..


"You can get carried away with celebrations, for a moment I had a thought and decided not to go mad and just pay my respects to the club that gave me my start in the game.


"To celebrate would have been a kick in the teeth, it is all about respect. Whoever scored was going to win the game, they were in our faces and made life difficult but we had to get on top of them and when we did it all paid off. I'm scoring yes, but goals are goals and as long as we are winning and I am in the first-team shirt, that's all that matters."


Cahill won praise for his reaction to his winning strike from Everton assistant boss Alan Irvine, who said: "The script was written for Tim, even though he didn't celebrate too much. The initial reaction is to celebrate when you score, but because he has respect for Millwall he was very restrained.


"He certainly wasn't running to the corner flag to practice his new routine! That clearly said to Millwall that he appreciates what the club have done for him."


Cloud Cuckoo Land moment...wouldn't it have been nice if Shrek could have managed a bit of dignity and respect for the club that formed him when he scored for Manure last summer, would have done him so much good...ah well back to the real world


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