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whats your take on this one?? good pedigree but why is he at shef utd? would another prem club come in for him if he's that good, i'd like to wish grey al all the best at preston,


should we get another jock?? ally big dunc? possiblity just a thought <_<

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Gaz to answer your question... Brian Kidd is well respected as a coach, after his failings as a manager he decided to take a break from football, but later was offered a job by England as coach. He accepted the position but had to resign before Euro 2004 as he had developed prostate cancer. After making a full recovery his friend from Manchester United Bryan Robson offered him a job at Sheffield United to see if he still had the desire for coaching.


Personally I wouldn't have a problem with both Kidd and Round getting a job with us.. As I understand we only have Moyes, Assistant Manager and Jimmy Lumsden training the players.. an experienced coach like Round could only improve the standard of training.

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